I am an ecosystem ecologist with a long-held curiosity of how the biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) components of ecosystems interact to drive ecosystem processes (e.g., carbon and nutrient cycling). While much of my research focuses on natural systems, I also work in urban systems to understand how complex interactions between the biophysical and social urban landscapes drive socio-ecological patterns and, consequently, ecosystem (dis)services. I am particularly interested in understanding how critical ecosystem processes are affected by global environmental changes, and seek socio-ecological understanding and solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation. My research spans multiple systems (forests, grasslands, agricultural, and urban systems) and scales (lab incubations to global data syntheses), allowing me to consider these questions through various lenses. Visit my research page to learn more about my specific research projects. Contact me with any thoughts or questions – I love the collaborative nature of science!